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July 07 2019

Tiketly: Finding Talented Candidates Near Me

Tiketly: Finding Talented Candidates Near Me

Nowadays, it is a challenging task for job markets for recruiting top talented candidates. There are only 8 % of companies that use mobile apps to locate, interview, and hire the right candidates. So, if you are in a recruiting company, you want to know great talented candidates within your area without asking someone like your peer or friends. Also, you want to easily access what are their qualities just finding on your smartphone. If you are looking for an app that will help you with that concern, Tiketly is a great option. Worry no more! Install Tiketly and find interesting, talented candidates. The internet paves the way to access things that we wanted to do easily, and one of them is the Tiketly.

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Tiketly is the top newest marketplace that will help you to find and create things that are within your reach. Whether you are in your house, office, school or wherever you are, Tiketly will help you. You just need your smartphone then you can already find talented candidates within your reach. Tiketly can be installed on both iOs and Android phones. This is a natural option for recruiters like you. This great app focuses on search and networking tools to locate candidates. Furthermore, Tiketly can give you alerts if there are a possible candidate and excellent tools to have communication with these candidates. Then, if you want to find the right candidate, choose Tiketly as it considered as a powerful online tool that helps you to manage the candidates. Tiketly offers free experience, and along the way, it can give you various subscription packages. It is a very effective recruiting app that has affordable plans and does not take away your features.

Here are the benefits of using Tiketly in finding a great candidate:

• One clicks job distribution Tiketly allows you to distribute your job opening in just one click. Posting on Tiketly can help you to get high-quality candidates. It is time-saving as you just need your recruitment template to be posted on this app, then candidates will just sign up their details and qualities. After that, you will be given an update by Tiketly on different potential candidates. • Social Media Promotion Tiketly is a social media platform that helps to communicate and engage with various potential candidates. Social recruiting through Tiketly will help your job ads to be seen by many people. It also uses syndication to promote transparent information about the app. • Referrals This app gives you referrals of possible candidates and will help you to identify which is the best one.

So, if you are looking for a great app that will help you to recruit great and best candidates, look no further, Tiketly is here to help you with that. Tiketly knows the best candidate near you, or it can help you to improve your chances in choosing only the best candidates. Download the app now! And look for the best candidates that will help your company in achieving goals.

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